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Sun Protection Arm Sleeves (UV Sleeves)

Our sun protection products are made for every sport. Whether you’re playing tennis, cricket, golf, or any other outdoor activity, our range of products keeps you from wasting time constantly having to reapply sunscreen. With our innovative sun protection solutions, our customers have the highest level of defence against the sun’s harmful UV rays. As industry leads in sun safety leisure and sports apparel, we keep your arms safe from skin damage by creating a range of high-tech arm sleeves.

Not only does our product keep you safe from the sun, but its patented, lightweight features made from Italian fabric also ensure that you stay comfortable in any outdoor activity while feeling good and looking sleek. Wear your SParms under a jersey or polo shirt to protect your forearms, giving you peace of mind while you’re outdoors.

UV sleeves that work

We understand how harsh the Australian sun can get and the dangers it brings, especially as a company based on the Gold Coast. For this reason, all of our fabrics are accredited with a UPF50+ by the Australian radiation protection body, ARPANSA.

Our sun sleeves, both for men and women, provide coverage against 98% of UVA and UVB rays, successfully combating the intensity of the sun. Our products – from our gloves, shoulder wraps, sleeves, and more – have been rigorously tested so that our customers can go outside without worry with their medically approved sun protection accessories.

Comfort and technology in one 

We are a team who loves sports, so we understand exactly how important it is to be safe from the sun without restricting the athlete’s mobility. During the design process, we made sure that all athletes, regardless of what sport they play, could perform at their best when wearing our products.

SParms sun sleeves are made from unique materials such as ultra-fine Meryl Microfibers and Spandex. These have been woven together in a 3D motion pattern, making our arm sleeves feel like a second skin under your activewear. If you’d like to learn more about how to wear them, take a look at our video tutorial here.

On top of mobility, our sleeves are also embedded with a cooling agent. They provide relief from the sun any time during the day. In line with this, they’re also quick-dry and moisture-wicking, leaving you able to stay outside longer and enjoy the activities you love.

Sunblock Sleeves for men and women

From XS to XL, we boast a wide range of sizes and colors, giving flexibility to our sun protection sleeves as they can fit into your existing wardrobe or activewear. We have colours in white, black, grey, or beige for those who are looking for a more discreet vibe. For those interested in a bit of flair, we have arm sleeves in pink, mint, hi-vis green, or hi-vis orange.

Put sun safety first with SParms

Wearing bulky protection gear just weighs you down and keeps you from enjoying your favourite outdoor activities. With SParms, you’ll be able to feel confident with your sun sleeves as you enjoy the outdoors.

Our wide range of UV sleeves is available to order online today! While you’re at it, why not check out our entire range of sun protection clothing? We have UV face masks, gloves, leg sleeves, shoulder wraps, and high-neck body shirts, too.

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Have questions about our range of SP arm sleeves? Feel free to get in touch with our team online, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.