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New and improved

The Leading Choice
In Sun Protection

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Shoulder wrap
Sleeves (Shawls)

Shoulder wrap
Sleeves (Shawls)

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Reusable Face

Karrie Webb LPGA Hall of Famer

Brittany Lincicome, LPGA Tour Winner

Dylan Fratelli, PGA Tour Winner

Georgia Hall, LPGA Tour Winner

Madeline Sagstrom & Jasmine Suwannapura (LPGA Tour Winners)

Gaby Lopez LPGA Tour Winner

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Usually ready in 24 hours


Usually ready in 24 hours


Usually ready in 24 hours


Usually ready in 24 hours

Our Features


2-7 degrees Celsius
cooler to wear than


Certified UPF 50+ 99.8%


Proven by Professional
Athletes Breathable


Comfortable & adaptive to
enhance superior


Comfortable & adaptive to
enhance superior


Easy and reusable
products with multiple


Broad range of sizes for
Junior to XXL


Multiple Colours to
choose from

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The Leading Choice In Sun Protection

SParms is changing the way elite athletes protect their skin around the world, we have over 500 SParms ambassadors throughout a range of sports including Golf, Cycling, Archery, Lawn Bowls, Cricket, Kayaking Rowing, Tennis and more.

SParms for all ages

What makes us different? SParms come in a range of sizes to fit all, from Junior to 2XL. Kids will love our colours and no more sticky sunscreen! Let’s help educate the next generation to look after the skin they are in.

Sparms for everyday people

You don’t have to be an elite athlete to wear SParms, because our sun protection apparel is for everyone! Walking, running, driving, gardening, playing sport or even working outdoors, we will have you protected from the sun’s harsh UV rays.

Why SParms?

100s of athletes choose SParms

Hundreds of professional athletes from a variety of sports all across the globe choose SParms daily for their sun safety practices.

Quality Australian certified company

We are a 100% Australian owned, designed and certified company based on the Gold Coast, with all our sun protective apparral Australian Certified UPF 50+, cooling, lightweight and breathable.

Sold in stores across the globe

Over 500 retail stores globally stock SParms products, making it easily available wherever you may be. With stocklists in big brand pharmacies and sporting goods stores.

Our Vision

Every child wearing SParms

Our aim is for every child in school and sports to wear SParms for their sun safety needs. Exposure to UV radiation during the first 15 years of life greatly increases the risk of developing skin cancer later in life and Melanoma is the most common cancer diagnosed in Australians aged 15–24 years.

Making sun culture cool

Our vision at SParms is to create a culture for the next generation. We are a trend setter, making sun safety cool with the help of elite athletes who can help influence and shape sun safety culture

Sustainable alternative solution

We are creating a sustainable alternative solution to wearable sun protection suitable for everyday people of all ages with ourwide range of products for a number of different applications!

SParms for Every Day People







What our Customers Say About Us

Serious about sun safety

Australian Melanoma Foundation Research

SParms have created a product that helps protect us from harmful radiation and also look good and feels great to wear. Each small step, wearing the right clothes, using sunscreen and staying in the shade, all helps reduce the risk of melanoma. It’s a privilege to be partnering with such an exceptional organisation. SParms is also contributing to funding melanoma research which will be the key to making an impact on melanoma statics in the future.

Supporting Research

As part of our commitment to sun safety, we support various Skin Cancer and Melanoma research organisations globally. Including the Australian Melanoma Research Foundation, Skin Cancer Foundation (United States), and Melanoma Institute Australia.

Stay Aware… Check Regularly

Stay Aware… Check Regularly National Skin Cancer Centres are Australia’s leading experts in skin cancer medicine, providing skin cancer checks with world-class imaging technology, surgical and non-surgical treatments of skin cancer, and advanced wound and scar management with LED light therapy. Click to find your nearest centre.

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